G J Martin

G J Martin was educated at Burton Grammar School and Emmanel College, Cambridge. He has pursued many careers but has always been a writer. He has published twelve novels and written four plays. He lives and writes in the Derbyshire Dales. For further information please click here BIOGRAPHY


Elizabeth Palmer, the wife of Tom,suddenly recognises that her life has been half-lived. Inspired by Elizabeth von Arnim’s adventures in Rügen, and on a secret mission of her own, she sets off to the distant Baltic island.

Her son William’s life is in crisis. He hates his doctorate, has discovered that its subject, H G Wells, was pot-bellied and ugly and that his pupil, Lucinda, insists on having his child. He must clear out. He would chaperone his mother.

Dr Thomas Ritter, art critic, pamphleteer; a university teacher who enjoys his students, some  more than he should, is a success, but Thomas himself is unimpressed. His life has paused. Perhaps following in the footsteps of the painter Caspar David Friedrich would enthuse him. He would visit Rügen.

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