The Orcadian Trilogy
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Colley Books
Stanton House
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After ten years of research and six years of writing I have completed my Orcadian Trilogy. The books imagine the adventures of the Dons of Westray, an improbable, hybrid race, made up of nervous, oppressed islanders and a ship’s boat full of strangers cast aside at the furthest edge of a war. The stories span the years from the last days of the Spanish Armada to the end of the Scottish earls’ dominion over the northern isles. This was a time when the Thames froze over, the Hansa towns declined, the Spanish empire dissolved and the age of chivalry died. Led by a young Spanish lord, full of ideals and memories of honour, the Dons of Westray dare all; determined to survive.

The jacket carries this recommendation:

“Garry Martin’s Orcadian Trilogy is a superb, sustained feat of historical imagination. Fascinating in its subject matter, wonderful in its curiosity, entertaining in its stories and unorthodox in its patience, the trilogy reminded me of Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey-Maturin novels, especially in its richness of atmosphere and its attention to detail.”

[Robert Macfarlane, author of Mountains of the Mind, The Wild Places, The Old Ways, Landmarks, The Lost Words and Underland. Former Chair of the Man Booker Prize]