February 18th read a short piece from ‘Eagles without a Cliff’ at the Barley Mow, Bonsall as part of Colette’s literary evening led by Mark Gwynne Jones.

February 4th Amanda Penman interviewed me for an article in Artsbeat magazine.

January 25th 2016. I visited Nottingham High School and read extracts from ‘Eagles without a Cliff’ to the Sixth Form. There were girls. A strange but pleasant change.

If you look at pages 61 to 63 of February’s edition of Derbyshire Life you can read Mike Smith’s article.

December 6th I gave a short reading from ‘Eagles without a Cliff’ at the Nottingham Writers’ Studio Christmas social.

November 11th 6 o’clock in the evening we launched ‘Eagles without a Cliff’ with natural champagne and Suze cocktails in Stanton-in-Peak village hall. It was great fun and so many friends were there. We went to The Flying Childers afterwards.

November 11th 2015 Interview with Mike Smith for a feature article in Derbyshire Life.