I met with Carole Blake of the Blake Friedman Agency on Saturday, March 28th, at the East Midland Writers’ Conference. ‘The Boy who made God smile’ had been awarded an Agent one-to-one. In our discussion Carole was most encouraging. She found the work colourful, with a strong narrative voice and picked out several passages for praise, some for their concision and one particular paragraph as an excellent example of ‘show not tell’. She liked the layering, the combination of cultures and the background of serious and contemporary themes. I was told afterwards that this was hard won praise. Henderson and Aimee were delighted.

My latest novel, ‘Patchwork – a story of Paris in the dark’ has been awarded a Critical Read at the Literary Consultancy. I have received a really helpful report from Michael Langan. I have woven together a number of narratives, as I did with ‘Godsmile’ and it has been difficult to unravel them. Last Sunday I think I succeeded. I have a final draft ready. I have sent it to a number of willing and suspecting readers.